Our client’s beautiful family puppy, Harry, was fatally injured in a horrific incident of negligent grooming.  We pursued a civil claim against the responsible party and successfully secured a settlement out of court.

The grooming industry in Scotland is entirely unregulated and sadly Harry’s death is not an isolated incident. Many other dogs have been fatally injured or severely burned in previous heated cage-dryer type incidents, and the huge response to our petition has also highlighted that dogs are frequently injured in many other ways. This can include injuries such as flesh wounds from scissors or clippers, dislocated bones from poor or rough handling, stress or shock after a bad grooming experience, and in the worst cases death. Fatal incidents can occur, in addition to headed cage-dryer incidents, if dogs are left unattended whilst restrained by the neck on grooming tables.  

PBW Law is campaigning for regulation of the dog grooming industry to prevent similar incidents in future. We are supporting our client in asking Scottish Ministers to introduce regulations requiring licensing, qualifications, inspections and best practices for groomers in Scotland.  Support the cause by signing our Pawtection Petition.

Our solicitors can advise and assist pet owners whose animals have been injured by groomers, vets, boarding and kennel businesses, or dog walkers/minders. Please contact us for an informal discussion to see how we can assist you.